5 Ways to Instantly Look More Tan + Summer Glow

girl at the beach

summer style lace dress

lace white beach dress

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When spring and summer rolls around I’m always looking for ways to naturally look like a beach goddess without spending hours in the sun (for obvious reasons). I’ve used some of these tricks for years and others I just started — all of them will instantly make you look more tan (without going in the sun + or a spray tan).

girl and her dog at the beach


girl at the beach

ONE |  whiten your teeth
This is an oldie but a goodie.

TWOlighten up your hair
This by far has the most dramatic effect!! As a lifelong brunette I was really hesitant to lighten my hair in any shape or fashion. After pinning a ton of balayage inspired styles on Pinterest I finally took the plunge and got it done. I was honestly shocked at what an instant and dramatic transformation it was — my hair went from dark brunette to sunkissed with the perfect hint of warm color. My complexion went from very pale to looking like I had a beautiful summer glow.

THREE | wear white
White clothing is a summertime staple — it will instantly make you look like you’ve been out in the sun for a bit.

FOUR | moisturize with oil
A true body oil (not a lotion) gives you a dramatic glowing look. It makes your skin look so healthy, radiant, and dewy! When you apply it, make sure you generously cover your shoulders, and collar bone. The oil helps create a shine and shows more definition.

To emphasize an easy summertime feel, skip the heavy foundation and let your freckles show. Create definition and add structure with products that highlight. This moisturizer brightens (use it on your cheekbones, under eye, and brow bone) and this is an easy highlighter you can use on the go.

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