A few cute outfits from Hawaii

Better late than never with these pics???

Lately I’ve become a bit OCD with my photos. Michael photographs almost ALL our pics (except when he’s gone, then I use a tripod/remote) and I edit them in Lightroom. Lightroom is photo editing software that has endless options. Honestly I spend hours on it tweaking the most minute things.

So with the need to edit each photo perfectly, it takes me longer to get pictures out. Honestly, I’m working on just chilling out and not obsessing over each and every tab on the HSL panel.


What’s up guys?? I’m currently writing this blog post from my ultra-feminine, ultra-chic bedroom at my parents house in Ohio (completely redid it 2 years ago). I haven’t been back to Ohio since January — WAY too long.

I just love this place so much and am having the best time cruising country roads, meeting up with friends + family, eating at my die hard restaurants, and remembering my roots.

Gotta go get some shut eye now y’all. TTYL.



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