A Frayed Hem Moment Out on the Backroads

I have to tell you guys that I am OBSESSED with where we live. And I’m not trying to say this in a braggy manner, but in more of a gratitude manner.

We live in a suburb community of San Diego that is, no joke, just a few minutes away from miles and miles of open space and mountains. And if you live in San Diego, you probably know this is no small task. San Diego is V crowded.

With only a few turns I can leave the busy hubbub of suburban bliss and access these backroads and just breathe for a minute. I love it.

When my brother was in town we got our typical order of green tea frappuccinos at Starbucks and went for a little sunset cruise in my Jeep. We’ve been doing this for years now — when I was in college I think I spent most of my bartending ca$h on green tea frappuccinos.

So we went on a sunset country drive in my Jeep, green tea fraps in hand, listening to Johnny Cash. THIS IS ALL I ASK FOR IN LIFE.

Okay I have to tell you guys I’m very into this outfit situation. Honestly it’s an OOTD as old as time, but it’s made cute and relevant with the hem of the jeans.

The jeans feature an ankle cut + raw hem. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know ankle cuts have been having a moment for a while now. I just have to laugh, because as a tall girl (5’11 holllaaa) I’ve been rocking “ankle cuts” my whole life. But back in the day they were referred to as “flood waters” and were most definitely not thought of as cute.

I love how this hem situation shows off my FAV EVER hiking boots. And I like the little bit of skin that shows between the boots and the jeans.

These photos were really fun to shoot — I always love shooting content out in the western landscape. Over the past 6 months or so Michael and I have shot a LOT of content that involves our Jeep and our Western adventures. I never really expected it, but our Jeep photos do SO WELL on Pinterest and Instagram. As a blogger, I’m always checking my analytics on my blog and social sites. Our Jeep photos hands down get the most repins on Pinterest and saves on Insta. SO. In light of that, I’ve transitioned Shadow’s old Instagram account (yes, my dog had an Instagram don’t hate me) into our adventure account. You can find it HERE. This will be a fun space where we share our adventures, Jeep photos, photos of us, and of course Shadow. Don’t worry, it will still have the same look + vibe + editing style of my blog. I hope you guys enjoy and follow along! As always, you can find my blog instagram HERE.  Xx

outfit: JEANS (they’re the bridgette fit) | PURSE c/o | BOOTS | GUNS N’ ROSES SWEATER


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