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Living out West in San Diego has been a real treat — we’re surrounded by so many quintessential western things: cacti, deserts, dusty dirt roads, and wild lands. We have signs warning of us rattlesnakes and mountain lions in almost every city park, which I must admit is a thrill to see for this Ohio girl.

I’ve been in the horse world since I was 9 (horse girlâ„¢ 4ever), and have always craved these western staples that we simply do not have in the lush landscape of Southern Ohio.

In the past year I’ve noticed a rise of western-style hats making their way through my IG feed — and not by people in the horse world, but by bloggers and fashion muses alike. OBVI, I felt an instant surge of FOMO.

If you haven’t noticed, everyday fashion has been having a *western moment*. Think: western belts, leather fringe jackets, imitation cowboy boots, and boxy denim (like a trucker cut vibe).

currently wearing:

I have a few “cowboy hats” at home in Ohio from my rodeo drill team days, but was craving one that was of higher quality, and had a more relaxed style.

Obvi, I bought a STETSON. One of the most (if not THE most) iconic western wear brands in existence. Stetson has been around since the 1800s, and is an American icon.

I went with the DUNE 5X GUN CLUB HAT in the acorn color. I love how this hat has a relaxed, everyday style to it. It can be worn with a casual, long sleeve dress (like THIS ONE) or a denim-on-denim situation.

It’s a little pricy, but the quality is worth it.

OKAY guys, I’m out. BRB while I attempt to make the Pioneer Woman’s braised short ribs. It’s kinda a splurge, time intensive dinner so let’s hope it turns out.

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