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Ever since moving to Virginia Beach, VA I’ve become such a beach bum! Everyday I’m really, truly grateful to live on the coast and only 15 minutes away from the ocean. Michael and I go to the beach a lot — sometimes for exercise, sometimes for photoshoots (#bloggerlife), and of course most of the time we just go to relax.

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When Michael was stationed in Pensacola I visited for a few weeks and frequented the beach every day. It was on this trip that I made some serious beach beauty mistakes and have since then drastically improved my routine (I’ll explain more down below)! If you’ll be frequenting the water (or just soaking up the sun!) in the next few months, keep reading for my go-to beach beauty routine.

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Spoiler alert: the first few steps are all about radiant, beach ready skin. Exfoliation is good foundation to any skin routine. It removes any dry and dull skin and and leaves in it’s wake, radiant healthy looking skin that’s ready for any lotion or spray tan. Make sure you exfoliate your body differently than you exfoliate your face! For your face you should use a designated face wash with gentle microbeads and for your body you can use a more aggressive gritty body wash, loufa, or your own DIY sugar scrub.

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It was during my month long visit to Pensacola a few years ago that I broke sooo many skin wellness rules. I baked in the sun with barely any sunscreen and would frequently come home with pink skin. I love the feeling of a tan — I know we all do. But what I don’t love are all these annoying sun spots I have (at only 23!!). Not cute. I’m not going to stop going outdoors and spending time in the sun, however I’m now very conscious about my skin and if it’s protected.

Always use a moisturizer AND foundation that has SPF in it. It’s that simple. My mom, who lived in Florida for 10 years and has very fair skin like I do, has literally no sun spots on her face because she’s always worn foundation that has a healthy amount of SPF in it. When you’re going to the beach make sure you apply your sunscreen a half hour before you get there and be smart about it. Reapply when you need to. Don’t be one of those people who come home looking like a lobster.

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Protecting and hydrating my skin is always my number one priority when I go to the beach. Michael and I always pick up a pack of smartwater® before we hit the sand and surf. LOL I even snapped a pic of our smartwater at the beach in one of my very first Instagram posts! #throwback. It’s always so pure and crisp and I love that there’s electrolytes in it. smartwater is inspired from the clouds and I always feel my most radiant when I drink it. Hydrated skin = beautiful skin. Drinking smartwater is a perfect way to stay hydrated this spring.

When I stay hydrated I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in the health and elasticity of my skin, as well my general wellness. For this beach trip we swung by Target and picked up a case of smartwater. It’s in the water section (obvi), however your store may have a special spring display for it. You can check out their smartwater collection here.

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four | TAN
If you want a little color, there are plenty of ways to get it other than baking in the sun. Getting a “fake” tan from a professional spray tan place or just self tanner at home is so much faster and easier than laying out. I’ve never gotten a professional tan before —  I just use self tanner and apply it myself. Make sure you exfoliate before and be careful to not wear any white clothing/lay down on your sheets for at least 4 hours! I love to have a little color before I hit the beach. It makes me feel my best!

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When I feel my best, I know I look my best. Before the big beach season hits I start preparing my body for the beach by of course, hitting the gym! For me it’s not about achieving a perfect beach body, but focusing on my body’s health and wellness. I know if I’m comfortable with how I look, I’ll stand up straighter, speak more confidently, and radiate beauty. Of course whenever Michael and I work out (hiking with Shadow, running on the beach) we always pick up a few smartwaters to keep us hydrated.

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    I’m totally inspired to get hydrated. Smartwater sounds great!

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