Cabo vacation rundown + Marquis Los Cabos review

Finally sharing ALL the dets from our recent vacation to Cabo AND a review of the resort we stayed at, the Marquis Los Cabos.

Whenever I’m booking a vacation (or honestly just planning a day trip) I research everything to the nth degree. I found reading reviews really helpful while planning this trip so I’m going to share our experience and little nuggets of wisdom.


First. We chose the Cabo region because it was such an easy flight from San Diego. It was a nonstop flight from the San Diego airport which is ideal. I’ve also heard you can get cheap nonstop flights to Cabo from the Tijuana Airport (simply use the Cross Border Express to get to it).

The flight was incredibly short, and since we flew Alaska Airlines it was really pleasant. Not sponsored, just freaking love Alaska Airlines.

In no time we landed in Cabo. The airport was really nice, just beware of all the time-share scams that wait for you just as you are about to walk outside. They are very convincing!! They even started to hook Michael in but I was like, Michael we gotta go this is a scam!!

We used a transportation company called Transcabo. They were GREAT. They have lots of representatives at the airport and are very easy to book with. Their shared shuttles are an amazing deal — booking private is obviously a LOT more expensive.

If you book with Transcabo, I recommend booking a shared shuttle. Chances are it won’t be full. Ironically, we booked a shared shuttle but for each trip we were their sole customers — so we got an entire private SUV to ourselves.


We stayed at the Marquis Los Cabos.  It’s an adults only, all-inclusive resort in between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

This is a 5-star hotel, but amazing deals can be found on Expedia. Not to be dramatic but I’d rather stay home than pay full price for a vacation.

The property is truly picturesque, and you don’t have to worry about being on a crowded resort row. You’re fairly isolated from other hotels, with an ocean on the backside of the resort, no nearby neighbors on either side, and some kind of barren desert landscape across the street.

The lobby is breathtaking, and a perfect welcome to one of the many indoor/outdoor living spaces you’ll find here. We arrived on a Saturday and it was so quiet and serene. I don’t think a lot of people check-in on a Saturday so that was perfect.

We were immediately greeted with moist towels and a fun beverage. Our check-in went perfectly and we were shown to our room.

The week flew by (as do all vacations, really). We spent most of our time at the pool, gorging ourselves on fresh guac and pina coladas.

The resort is all-inclusive — so obvi that means endless food + drinks. The poolside food service was AMAZING. If you go you have to check out the expansive ceviche menu. The poolside food was some of our FAV.

For dinner there are several restaurants to choose from, in addition to 24 hour room service. Honestly we loved all of them but I think the Italian restaurant was our favorite.

RESORT REVIEW | the good + bad

Okay. Where do I begin. Let’s start with the property.

The property is GORGEOUS. Wow. When you arrive you immediately see the open lobby which is just surreal. It is impeccably manicured, with a crew working around the clock to keep it pristine. There are lots of hidden nooks and crannies that are so thoughtfully designed.

Our room was immaculate. This resort has a lot of little features that really put it into a league of it’s own. For instance, everyone’s room has a little “bread door” at the front of the room. It’s a two-way cubby that someone puts bread into every morning from the hall. Then from inside the room you get your little bread basket full of fresh pastries. So freakin’ cute.

We had an ocean front view at no extra charge. I think most of the rooms face the ocean which is realllyyyy nice. We had a nespresso maker in our room, which was EVERYTHING. Ugh, mornings on our oceanview patio with an espresso in hand were just so dreamy.

The food is GOOD. However, it can be hit or miss. There were some very minor hiccups with the dinner food service. After 3 or 4 days you start to crave something different other than the resort food. Since this hotel is so far out of town, going to a local spot for dinner can be a challenge. That being said, we knew this ahead of time and this isn’t really a complaint — just an observation.

The property is gorggggg BUT it is small. You don’t realize how small the property is until it dawns on you that you can’t even go for a run! Lol there’s no where to run. If you don’t have any excursions planned you may get a little stir crazy.

Speaking of running — there is a beautiful gym here. Loved the gym!!! Tons of weights, machines, and cardio equipment. It’s stocked with lots of fun amenities, like chlorophyll water. I live for the amenities. 

There are 3 pools. They were pretty chilly, but not bad if you’ve had a couple drinks LOL. We went in April and there were usually plenty of available lounge chairs to be found.

Something that bugged me, was the fact that you had to pay to use the hot tubs. There are 4-5 hot tubs errrrr “spas” and you need to pay a $10 day fee to use them. Really?

Also, you have to pay an extra fee to eat at the French restaurant. Hmmm.

There were always lots of fun things going on at the resort. Poker night, wine tastings, shuttles into town for dancing, etc.

This resort is PERFECT if you’re looking for a romantic, secluded spot — which is exactly what we wanted.

The concierge was extremely helpful + knowledgeable and booked our off-roading excursion for us. You can read more about that HERE.


So, this was the second time we’ve booked an all-inclusive vacation. You can read about our honeymoon all-inclusive resort HERE and HERE.

Lately I’ve wondered why we went with all-inclusive vacations. I think it’s because 1.) we know the cost upfront and it can be a good value. And 2.) Michael and I didn’t grow up going to hotels/resorts for family vacations. So now when we book a vacation we’re kinda paranoid that we won’t get our money’s worth, ya know? Hence, why we book all-inclusive. It tends to be a guaranteed good time.

With all that being said, our next vacation will not be all-inclusive. I want to go out and explore! Support local restaurants. Try different food. Get out of our comfort zone a bit.

With this resort, the Marquis Los Cabos, you’ll get your money’s worth. The guest experience is prioritized above all else. The food is amazing (for the most part). And the views are incredible.

However the small size of the estate, remote location, and minor irritations (lack of breakfast choices, hot tub situation, etc) will probably prevent us from booking here again.

Hope you guys enjoyed this run down + review. I had a couple of you DM me on Instagram about this resort because you were interested in booking it. This is just a little reminder that I’m always available for Q’s — about this or anything else! TTYL.

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  1. Susan Steele
    June 27, 2018 / 7:15 pm

    I could go for a pina colada on the ocean right now! This resort looks amazing!

    I like that black and white bag!

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