Cuyama, California Camping Pt. 1

A couple weeks ago we knew Michael had some time off work coming up, and we both pondered where we wanted to go/what we wanted to do. We’ve already visited BIG BEAR and JOSHUA TREE so we went on the hunt for a cool, new location to explore. Hence: camping in the Cuyama Valley/Badlands area.

I’ll get into how we found this amazing camping spot in Part 2 of my camping recap — I’ll be sure to link it here when it’s posted. Is this not the coolest place??

Once we decided we wanted to go camping, it dawned on me how desperately lacking we were in camping gear. My brother Bruce commandeered my REI tent from college (still kinda salty about that, BTW) and Michael’s Whisperlite stove from his Eagle Scout days was long gone.

So we made a quick trip to REI and picked up a few things. I couldn’t believe this was our first time going camping together!!! So crazy. I LOVE camping/backpacking/anything outdoorsy related. And Michael’s an Eagle Scout for pete’s sake. So it’s just bizarre we haven’t camped together yet.

Doesn’t Shadow look so badass in her Rex Specs goggles? She’s wearing the coyote color. While these are incredibly aesthetically pleasing, she’s wearing them for a purpose. Aboutttt a a month and a half ago Shadow was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Pannus.

It was a shock to hear my healthy 4-year old German Shepherd had an eye disease. But, she’s responding really well to treatment. If she doesn’t get daily eye drops and UV ray protection, she could lose her eye sight. So she now wears her Rex Specs goggles whenever she’s out in the sun. 


I’m linking a few of our camping/outdoors must-haves. These are all tried, true, and used by us. Since we were car camping (and not backpacking) we could bring a ton of supplies with us and didn’t have to worry about weight. Backpacking is a whole different story because you want as little weight as possible! I hadn’t been car camping since I was kid so it was really nice not having to worry about fitting everything in my pack.

We splurged and bought our first ever YETI COOLER. We’ve been eyeing a Yeti for years now and finally took the plunge. This trip was the perfect excuse because our camping spot was remote and we needed our perishable food to last for days at a time. Yetis are really popular with outdoorsman, hunters, and frat boys (begrudgingly including them).

Anyways, it totally lives up to ALL the hype and we can’t wait to use this cooler for years to come.

TENT WE USED — the design of this tent is GORGEOUS. This is my second REI tent and in IMO they are worth the price. Beautifully constructed, and beautifully functional. Very lightweight but quality materials. Love that the entire top of this tent is mesh. This tent cant fit up to 4 people (it’d be a tight squeeze tho)


K thanks for reading guys! We’re already on the hunt for our next camping spot. If you’re in Southern California (or honestly just west of the Mississippi) and have a super cool place in mind — please LMK! Xx 


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  1. Susan Steele
    September 10, 2018 / 3:56 am

    Love the photos with the vast amount of sky and desert. I think we’ll look at REI for our next tent. The YETI sounds amazing.

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