Family Photoshoot at the Christmas Tree Farm

a family tradition

SO EXCITED to share these family photos with y’all.

I was recently in Ohio (my home state!) for Thanksgiving. Ugh, it was the best. You can catch a little recap of it HERE. The day after Thanksgiving we opted out of Black Friday shopping (so over it, to be honest) and went to our local Christmas tree farm to chop down a tree.

This has become a tradition, and I am obsessed with it. We loaded up into our Subaru and drove a quick 15 minutes into the southern part of the county, where there are no subdivisions, a few gun ranges, and a cute diner or two.

The Christmas tree farm was bustling with people, but the owner still recognized my parents! Ha, I told y’all we go every year. After searching for a solid 45 minutes, we found the perfect tree. Not too tall, not too sparse, but just perfect.

Then we pretty much acted out a Hallmark Christmas movie. Michael got the old fashioned hand saw and began sawing away. The tree ever so gracefully fell over on it’s side. We all cheered, and then we took turns hauling it away in the provided sled (it was surprisingly heavy so bonus points for a great workout).

We sipped hot cocoa as our tree was put on a giant shaking machine that tossed off the loose needles, then it was bundled up and secured on top of our car. Perfect. Day.

Ever since Michael and I moved out to California, it’s so rare to have the 5 of us together. We took advantage of the very aesthetically pleasing environment + totally idyllic situation and had a full-on family photoshoot. Love how these pics turned out! I’m actually going to print some out and put them in frames.

what’s old is new

So I just did a search on my blog (you can search for specific things at the top right corner), and found two old posts of previous years at the Christmas tree farm. You can see 2015 HERE and 2016 HERE. This is number #974823973 why I love having this online space — it really serves as a diary of sorts. It’s so fun to look back at posts from years ago and get a glimpse into our past lives.

I hope you all are having a great start to your December (DONT’ KNOW HOW it’s already December but here we are). For daily pics you follow along on Instagram and for tons of home inspo, moody quotes, jeep stuff, you can follow along on Pinterest. Xx.

Posting more photos below, I had so many it was hard to narrow down my favs.

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  1. Susan Steele
    January 17, 2019 / 2:58 pm

    Loved seeing the previous years!


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