First Thanksgiving in California

This year Michael and I had one of the most unique Thanksgivings we’ve ever had in our lives. We veered veryyy far from tradition and didn’t cook a thing at our house. Instead, we hopped in our Jeep and drove to the coast for an oceanside Thanksgiving feast.

I’m sharing this in case anyone next Thanksgiving is in the same boat as Michael and I —  and by that I of course mean hundreds of miles away from everyone you know and love, unable to fly home, and way too lazy to cook an entire thanksgiving meal just for yourself. Whew.

In a state of extreme naïveté, I bought a huge turkey days in advance of Thanksgiving. I pictured myself laboriously basting this bird with my hair perfectly done and wearing a cute apron. On Thanksgiving Eve I came to my senses and realized how much I did NOT want to spend one of Michael’s few days off slaving away in the kitchen.

So obviously I got on my phone and immediately began searching for places to go where someone else would cook Thanksgiving dinner. For all you people who may find this blog post in a google search in November 2018 — this is a comprehensive guide to Thanksgiving in San Diego.

Michael and I decided to go to Vessel Restaurant for our Thanksgiving feast. It’s located at the Kona Kai Resort on Shelter Island. I thought it’d be a little depressing going out to eat on Thanksgiving because all I’ve ever known is large family gatherings but honestly, it was AMAZING. We were seated with a perfect view of the marina and had bottomless mimosas. The decor was so beautiful and everything was first rate. Since we didn’t have family visiting, it was nice to be out and about with people. Now, the meal was a buffet and I usually get creeped out by buffets but this one was anything but basic. It was sooo so good.

Kona Kai Hotel^^omg can I please have this horse

If you’re like us (clueless about cooking turkeys, nomads away from your families), I HIGHLY recommend abandoning any notion of slaving over a hot stove for 12 hours by yourself. Treat yo’self and go get bottomless mimosas and endless turkey.

LOVE YALL. until next time.



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