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After what seems like an eternity of flight school and training Michael was finally able to take me flying this past weekend. The whole thing happened kind of last minute but I’m so glad we got the chance to go flying together. It felt so surreal and like we were in some kind of movie! Not to mention romantic. We flew in a small plane called a Piper Archer. It had 4 seats and a little space for luggage in the back.

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chic travel style

from the cockpit

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Up to this point I’d never flown in a plane so small. I have no idea why but for some reason I thought it’d be just as smooth as a big airliner (dumb).  So here I am thinking it’d be smooth and steady. We started to take off for the first time and I was videoing it all. As we went faster and faster and finally took off into the air I felt my stomach drop. I was getting so freaked out I stopped recording the video and just started doing deep breaths. This probably sounds super dramatic and I swear I’m no wimp, but it is a crazy different feeling taking off + flying in a teeny tiny airplane when you’re not used to it. Michael is an amazing pilot 😉 but the plane still had all kinds of dips and movements in the air. All perfectly safe but it took a little while to get used to.

We flew for a while then Michael landed us at an airport in Indiana for lunch at a super cute aviation-themed cafe. I drank a lot of water and bought gum and an air sickness bag (just in case LOL) for the next few trips. We then flew around and made a couple different stops at other airports. Michael got to land on a grass field for the first time too! I even flew 😉 but for only like 2 minutes.

In total we flew for about 3 hours. After getting used to the feeling of a smaller aircraft it was SO exhilarating. We were only 3,500 feet off the ground so it was amazing to see everything down below so vividly and up close. One of my favorite parts was listening to Michael talk on the radio and hearing all the radio talk. Sometimes it truly sounds like another language and it all sounds so badass. The turns were so fun. Michael would do these sharp(ish) turns in order to line up properly with the runways to land. Then I could really see out the window and everything was topsy turvy and it was amazing.

Not going to lie it felt so glam/luxurious to be flying around in a private airplane!! But — it would have been even better if I’d prepared myself just a littttle bit better. If you’re planning a flight in a smaller airplane and have never been before I’d def recommend wearing cool clothes, take a dramamine, and bring cold water and gum with you.

I’m sure this will be the first of many flights to come for Michael and I!
**HUGE THANK YOU to Michael’s mentor Mr. Derrick for letting us fly your plane!! An amazing experience I’ll never forget.

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