Joshua Tree Photoshoot + 10 Things

Joshua Tree Photoshoot

Joshua Tree Photoshoot

Heyyy guys! Isn’t is just so much fun to get pictures with your significant other? I love it. These pictures were definitely the most adventurous we’ve taken. We were in Joshua Tree for a quick trip in December (you can see the post on that HERE). I wanted to get photos taken of us but we ran out of time to book a professional — so we just shot them ourselves. Michael and I woke up before the sun and walked to this boulder mountain-top area behind our Airbnb. With our camera tripod and Shadow in tow, of course. It was freezing cold, blustery, and beautiful. Shadow was trying to chase little desert creatures and every few seconds we had to adjust the camera for different lighting. But. SO worth it.

Today’s post is fun — this year I want you all to get to know me better. And obviously, I want to get to know you guys too! Always feel free to tweet at me, send me a DM, or leave a comment on IG. Can’t wait to social stalk y’all (is that creepy??) So anyways, today I’m sharing 10 random fun facts/things about Michael and I. Let’s go.

Joshua Tree Photoshoot

Joshua Tree Photoshoot1. When Michael was pursuing me I friend zoned him like 4 times (I LOVED being single). For months I put him in the friend zone but he kept on talking to me (sometimes from across the country) and after 6 months I finally agreed to a date. Obviously, it was the best decision ever. He’s a man who knows what he wants.

2. One of the first activities we did together was go off-roading in Michael’s 1995 Jeep Cherokee with a 6′ lift and 35′ tires. Nothing says “romance” like getting bogged down in a foot of mud in the hills of Ohio. LOL. All jokes aside, I love off-roading! And building + exploring with our Jeep Wrangler has become one of our favorite hobbies as a couple.

Joshua Tree Photoshoot3. We first met when I was attending a formal college dance with a different guy. I noticed how fun and outgoing Michael was and he immediately caught my eye. Oh, and of course I loved his killer dance moves to Gangnam Style.

4. We’ve done a lot of long-distance. We became a long-distance relationship after 6 months of dating and stayed long distance for 2 years, until we got married. Long distance honestly really sucks, but I think it’s why we are so close and IMO why our relationship is so strong. When you’re in a long distance relationship all you can do is talk and get to know each other. You don’t go on fancy dates, or go on adventures, or cuddle. You talk and talk and talk and you get to know your partner REALLY well. And then when you are finally together it’s like magic. Just going grocery shopping together feels amazing and so special.

Joshua Tree Photoshoot

5. Our first kiss was in one of our college bars (45 East RIP).

6. Michael leaves paper airplane love notes around the house.

7. Our first “fight” happened after I drove 12 hours solo from Ohio to Florida. I arrived in Florida just in time for Michael’s first flight suit Friday at the O club in Pensacola. I was tired and burnt out from driving the whole day by myself. At the time we were just dating, so I didn’t have a military ID to get on base. Michael was going to pick me up outside of the base and drive me in, but by the time I arrived in Pensacola he was too drunk at the O club to come and get me! I was livid! I ended up waiting at the security office at the front of the base and the civilian security guard gave Michael a lecture over the phone about holding his liquor until his girl was taken care of. At the time, I was so mad that he wasn’t acting like a gentleman. We’ve both matured a lot since then.

Joshua Tree Photoshoot

Joshua Tree Photoshoot

8. When we first got married I became VERY domestic. But after a couple months of acting like a 1950’s housewife I got super freaked out by it and felt like I had lost myself/my identity. Michael had zero expectations for me to act so “wifey”, I had put all that pressure on myself. Now we split the household responsibilities fairly evenly. I do most of the cooking because I enjoy it (in moderation)!

9. The first gift Michael ever got me was a Duck Dynasty Tshirt.

10. Michael is the calm, steady, anchored one in our relationship, and I’m the fiery and intense one. I’ll plan new and adventurous things for us to do or see, and then whenever something (inevitably) goes wrong Michael’s the one to calm me down.

Joshua Tree Photoshoot

Joshua Tree Photoshoot

So I hope you all enjoyed this post! Kinda fun right?? Okay guys I’m off to drink tea + read. Love y’all!

Xx, K



  1. Susan Steele
    February 21, 2018 / 3:42 am

    I LOVED this post about you and Michael!!!

    • Kathryn
      February 26, 2018 / 6:53 am

      Awh yay I’m so glad!!!

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