Leather on Leather Situation

I love sharing outfits with you guys + current things I’m digging.

I always view clothes as an outward proclamation of what’s going on with my life. I mean if your clothes aren’t expressing who you are and what you’re about, then what’s the point???

In addition to to viewing clothes as projecting my vibe + who I am, I always look at clothes as my personal armor. Protecting me from the world and making a statement before I even say a word. You guys, if you’re ever feeling nervous for an event or meeting, just adapt this mentality. It’s honestly a lifesaver and by wearing a power outfit, you stand up straighter, speak clearer, and feel like you can OWN anything that comes your way.

So here’s this leather x leather situation which is just so intense but I’m LOVING IT. The roses on the sleeve balance everything, right? And of course the cherry on top are these biga$$ boots covered in mud because I like to keep it real. They’re some of my ride-or-die insulated barn boots.

Okay well as per usual, I’m going to run off now and drink tea + read. Haha that seems to be the story after every blog post. Lately I’m super into the whole cuddled up in bed with Shadow, work on my laptop kinda vibe! It’s just so cozy. Xx


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