The Latest Around Here + Instagram Recap

Wow wow wow. So much has happened in the past month.

Today I want to take you guys along for a little recap of ALL that’s been happening. And of course, I’m including Instagram pics from the past month + all outfit details. You can find my Instagram HERE.


Michael came home from his first deployment. It was the best day EVER. This deployment really wasn’t that long, but it still felt surreal seeing him step out of the cockpit after months apart.


quick note: we had a photographer there to capture our reunion – you can catch a sneak peak HERE. Obvi, lots more to come of these pictures.

Before Michael left I felt incredibly weak (which is one of my most hated emotions). But honestly after the first week alone this feeling completely disappeared.

It’s not like we’re strangers to long distance — HA! Anyone dating/engaged/married to a service member knows long distance is just a factor of life. We were long distance for 2 years before we got married. But the time apart this spring was different. We were married, it was a deployment (not a work up, or training, or flight school), it was just a different vibe. Maybe I’ll get into all this in another post. Maybe not.


Okay so after Michael came home we ran off to CABO for a much needed vacay. Loved every second and fell in love with this part of Mexico.

The choice to go to Cabo was V strategic. Michael had limited time off work so I wanted to go somewhere that was a short flight away. The flight to the Los Cabos Airport is a nonstop flight. Barely 2 hours long. A dream. Highly recommend for all my San Diego peeps.

dress is sold out from Free People, similar HERE, HERE, and HERE | RED SWIMSUIT


We stayed at the Marquis Los Cabos Resort and booked it through Expedia (I am all about the deals). I’ll be writing a big blog post all about our stay there + what we thought of it.


After Cabo I was in San Diego for a less than two days before heading out to sea to spend 24 hours aboard the USS John C. Stennis. You can read a HUGE blog post about the entire experience HERE.

My stay aboard the STENNIS was incredible and I’d encourage you all to read the post on it — it covers jets, flight ops, life aboard the carrier, and more.


After the STENNIS I had a few days at home to breathe for a hot second and spend quality time with Shadow (MY BBY ANGEL GERMAN SHEPHERD).

With an obnoxiously large suitcase way overpacked for a 3 day trip, I made my way to San Francisco for part 2/4 of my California horse girls reunion trips. I’ve mentioned these trips on my Instagram but I want to fill you guys in! In college I was on the Miami University Equestrian Team. It was kinda my life.


Over the past year myself and 3 of my equestrian team girls all moved out to California. We’re all conveniently located in different cities up and down the coast of California. This winter, we had the genius idea to spend a weekend in each of each other’s California cities over the next year. AND YES we are totally down to make a movie deal from this super cutesy story plz notify your Hollywood producer friends. 

The cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Redding (a country Northern California town, V excited about this one).

We went to LA in February and then went to San Francisco a couple weekends ago. SO FUN. It’s amazing to see my college friends. They’re positive, badass, inspiring women and I just love having them in my life. Our worlds have changed so much in the past few years, it’s nice to see each other and be reminded of our roots.

On the flight home to San Diego from San Francisco I was having one of those airplane-life-realization-self-aware-moments. There’s just something about airplanes that make you question everything/realize everything, ya know?  After an hour and a half of melodramatic meditation I walked off the plane more convinced than ever that you have to forge your reality. Nothing is given.


A week ago my parents flew out all the way from Ohio to visit me in SD! Finally!! We moved here in August and this was their first visit to our new home.


For our previous two homes in Mississippi and Virginia my parents “visited” immediately. And by visit I mean they worked for a solid week helping me hang curtains, pictures, move furniture, and unpack. hashtagblessed

This visit was 100% all fun and touristy things — honestly I think my parents were relieved that I wasn’t putting them to work.


Some of the activities we did: seaport village, sunset cliffs, la jolla cove, coronado, pool hangout, encinitas, sunset watching, cabrillo national monument, visited Michael’s squadron

New fav restaurants we discovered: bluewater grill, catania, the fish house, Miguel’s cocina (not a new fav, an all time fav), better buzz coffee, islands (for all my suburbs ppl), and edgewater grill


We wrapped up the week with them by having a huge Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday and celebrating my 25th birthday on Monday.


Okay what a whirlwind of a fun, exciting, and (a sometimes) tiring month.

In general I love activity, busyness, and adventures but after a month of non-stop happenings I’m looking forward to getting back on a workout routine, cooking at home, and working on my personal/career/work goals.

That’s it for now — as always, thank y’all for reading! You’re the BEST. Xx, K.

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