No-Fail Easy Grilled Salmon (perfect for camping, too)

Grilled salmon.

Making grilled salmon

Okay this easy grilled salmon recipe is just SO good. I usually have a hard time cooking fish because it always seems to come out dry. This recipe is practically no-fail — I even made it over a campfire, in the dark, with no timer, and it still came out amazing. I love how this recipe has a rustic, carefree vibe to it without sacrificing any flavor. Let’s get started.


2 thawed salmon fillets
salt to taste
pepper to taste
Trader Joe’s chili lime seasoning to taste
1 garlic clove (loosely chopped)
2 lemons
fresh dill (make sure it’s fresh!)
olive oil

If y’all have seen my recipes before, you know I’m not big on measuring out spices and seasoning — which is probably why I’m horrible at baking. I feel like everyone has different tastes — some like a ton of lemon, some not so much, etc. Follow your heart (or stomach) on the spice levels.

Preparing salmon


Tear off two large pieces of aluminum foil (enough to wrap around a fillet) and place a thawed salmon fillet in each.

Season the salmon with salt, pepper, and chili lime seasoning to taste.

Top salmon with dill sprigs, slices of butter, chopped garlic (no need to mince). Liberally cover salmon with lemon slices. And finally, pour a small dollop of olive oil over each salmon fillet.

Securely wrap the foil around the salmon. Place on the grill or campfire (this is a PERFECT recipe for campfire cooking). The cooking time will vary depending on your campfire size/grill temp. 1o minutes is usually the sweet spot for me. About halfway through I’ll rotate them to make sure it’s an even cook.

And voila that’s it. The foil makes this recipe very fail proof + really seals in the moisture. LMK if y’all try. Xx.

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