Norfolk Nighttime Photoshoot

Ahhhhh I’m so excited to share these photos! They are by Mae Small, a super talented photographer who visited Virginia Beach recently. As you can see from the photos we actually did this photo shoot at night — and believe me there is a funny story behind that! Mae and I had been in contact for weeks leading up to her visit. We planned a beautiful daytime couples photoshoot the last day of her trip. But of course, even though we tried to get a little time off Michael ended up getting scheduled literally from sun up to sun down (lol #navylife).  Mae was totally unfazed and suggested we do a downtown Norfolk nighttime shoot. It was so fun galavanting around downtown Norfolk with Mae, and our friends Kim and Johnny (who helped put us in contact with Mae).

Doing a photoshoot with your spouse is such an intimate and romantic thing. During this photoshoot I was really reminded of those warm and fuzzy feelings I had during our wedding photoshoots….which was over a year ago now! In that span of time we’ve adopted a dog, Michael finished flight school, we moved to a different state, and I’ve continued to build this blog. Obviously, we’ve grown as a couple over the past year but what I’m grateful for is we’re continuing to grow as individuals. One thing I’ve struggled with since getting married is maintaining my own identity when my husband has a successful (albeit well earned!!!!) career. When we’re at parties or really at any public function the conversation and spotlight naturally falls to him and his career as a naval aviator. Sometimes friends or family will ask me how I’m doing via, “how’s Michael’s career doing”? This all may sound silly or even selfish because jeez, I have a blog that’s literally all photos of myself and my life (!), but I’m sure other wives can relate. Michael and I know there will be different seasons of life where sometimes his career takes precedence, and sometimes mine will. He’s been resolute in supporting me to maintain my own life, my own identity from being solely a “military wife” to something all my own.

I love being real + vulnerable with you all! Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself out there, especially on the internet. I appreciate all of you!

PHOTOGRAPHY by Mae Small | Mae Small Instagram


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