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a little recap:

You guys know I love going on local explorations and adventures. Actually, Michael and I were just out on an adventure this past weekend when we took a road trip to Big Bear Lake, CA. There’s just something about cruising around the mountain roads that makes me feel at peace, ya know?

my #1 must-have for roadtrips…

One thing I’ve learned with our road trip adventures (especially here out West with the deserts + mountains) is to always keep hydrated. It’s become a tradition for us to pick up smartwater® before we hit the road. For this trip we stopped by Target to grab a few smartwaters the night before we headed out. I’m a very type A planner (like, list obsessed) and this was a must-do before we left.

but I mean, is it possible to go on a trip without a Target run?? smartwater can be found in the back in the beverage aisle 

but really though, hydration is everything

Ok but anyways. Back to hydration. I’ve become hyper focused on it because of how great I feel when I’m hydrated — especially during our adventures. Most people do not drink the amount of recommended liquids in a day. In fact most people only drink 2.5 cups a day, whereas the Mayo clinic recommends we consume 6.3 cups a day. As I’m sure you all know (it is 2018 after all, the year of wellness) drinking enough liquids contributes towards your optimal health + exercise performance. Coca-Cola has tons of great products for you to hydrate with, like my fav of all time, smartwater.

We took a last minute trip to Phoenix, AZ a few weekends ago. It was a really pretty drive — straight through desert and cactus country. We also passed through this insanely beautiful area with sand dunes that looked straight out of Saudi Arabia. But yes, very deserty and very dry out. Midway through our trip we stopped to grab smartwater because I just knew we needed it. You can stock up on your smartwater for all your adventures right here. ♥ 

a few of my fav road trip hacks

I can’t wait to share more pictures with y’all from our Big Bear trip! This was one of my FAV road trip adventures yet. I think it was one of my favorites because we’re starting to get a really good pattern down. We usually stay at a place for just 2 nights, so we’ve gotten very efficient with everything. The night before we leave we buy everything we need and pack (obviously I make sure we grabbed the smartwaters haha).

We *try* to get an early start the day we leave, and on the way there I plan out all the hikes we’ll do, places we’ll see, and fun food we’ll try. I keep all that info on the notes section on my phone. I make sure to add the addresses so when we’re in the moment trying to remember where a specific restaurant is, I can just pull up the address real quick.

On the last day of our trip, we usually have to checkout of the place we’re staying by 11AM. To make the day last longer at our locale, I’ll usually pick a hike for us to do on our way out of town! That way we’re getting the most out of that last day.

Okay guys, that’s it! LOVED sharing my love of smartwater + keeping hydrated with you guys — if you follow me on Instagram stories then you’ve seen we really do always grab a few when we hit the road. As always thanks for reading! Xx.

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