The Dreamiest Beach Dinner Setup

This dreamy beach dinner setup seriously looks like something from a magazine (or Pinterest, obviously). LOVE.

Before I get into the details, I have to say I can’t take credit for any of this magic! A friend of mine here in San Diego put together this beach setup + organized everything — I got to attend and take photos.

This dinner was a going away party and was hosted on Coronado. It was a DREAM. Everything in the photos is pretty self explanatory, but I’m going to mention a couple things the hostess did to make the evening even more extra.

^^^these airplanes are EVERYTHING. Seriously wish I had something like this for Michael’s winging party. They were made by THIS COMPANY (all my military people, check them out you won’t be disappointed)

The dinner started at sunset, but went well into the night. The hostess brought landscape lights and stuck them in the sand surrounding our table + pillows. These lights were a must. They allowed us to see our food after the sun set and allowed the party to continue. You can pick up some here.

As you can see, we had a floor-level table and pillows. I love how popular this has become recently (see another example HERE). If you’d like to recreate, get any kind of folding table and instead of using the legs (you can’t because they’ll be too tall) just use two sturdy boxes of the same height to hold up the table.

As with all centerpieces, collect items of various heights to create a fun dynamic. This centerpiece has tall candle holders, wine glasses, tiny candles, vases full of flowers, and filler greens.

To keep things clean and chic, there was a whole separate table that had all the food, so that way the dining table stayed relatively clear.

Make sure to bring lots of blankets for when the temperature cools at night — since you’re by the ocean there will probably be a cool breeze.

Okay aaaaaand that’s it! Feel free to save some of these images to your Pinterest for when you host your own beach dinner party. I hope you all are having the best weekend. Personally, I am beyond happy because tomorrow we spring forward for Daylight Savings. Finally. Xx

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