Thriving During the Grey Winter Days

This winter seems to be going on forever! My husband Michael and I are currently living on the coast of Virginia. Neither one of us have ever lived so far east before — the winter here is so unbelievably bleak! I could probably complain all day about it… (but I’m trying really hard not to). I grew up in Ohio and the winters there were dark, but there seemed to be far more sunny days than here.

So in the spirit of not complaining, Michael and I have been trying to accept these grey winter days for what they are and make the most of them. These are some of our favorite ways we’ve been living out these grey days.

ONE | take advantage

Everyone seems to be hibernating (and with good reason!) during these winter months. Some of the popular attractions in our city aren’t nearly as busy in the winter as they are in the summer. Virginia Beach becomes a major tourist city in the spring and summer when the weather is beautiful so we’ve been trying to see the local attractions while the crowds aren’t as big! A few of the places we’ve taken advantage of are Colonial Williamsburg, the Cape Henry Lighthouse, and restaurants on the beach.

Thriving During the Grey Winter Days

Thriving During the Grey Winter Days

TWO | experiment in the kitchen

Since it gets dark so early, we’re not exactly dying to leave the house when it’s pitch black outside by 6pm. Winter is the perfect season to stay indoors and experiment with new and intricate recipes in the kitchen. Michael and I divide up the cooking pretty equally, so cooking together when we have no where to rush off to is always a joy.

Thriving During the Grey Winter Days

Thriving During the Grey Winter Days

THREE | mug life

We’ve been consuming coffee & tea like it’s our job this winter! I love cuddling up with a knitted blanket and a mug of delicious coffee. If you’re sick of your coffee routine mix it up with a new way of brewing your coffee, a different flavor, or try making cappuccino’s at home. For Christmas I got a nespresso and I am hooked. Starting (or ending) the day with a cappuccino feels so luxurious.

Thriving During the Grey Winter Days

Thriving During the Grey Winter Days

FOUR | that gym tho

Ugh you probably knew this one was coming, but summer bodies really are built in the winter. Sure the gym is super busy right now because of “resolutioners” but there are so many benefits to putting in the hours at the gym during winter. It will boost your mood and help beat winter blues. The gym always cheers me up — it’s never cold/rainy/snowy/windy/depressing at the gym.

Thriving During the Grey Winter Days

Thriving During the Grey Winter Days

FIVE | light

Since it gets dark so early, I’ve been trying to get all my errands/activities done while it’s still daylight outside. When it is daylight or when the sun is actually out to play (a miracle) we usually pack up Shadow in our jeep and go on a hike or visit the beach. When 5:30 rolls around and it’s night time, I just shut the blinds and turn on lot of ambient lighting in my house to kind of trick myself from thinking it’s so dark. Also, kind of random but put icicle lights around your interior windows — it may bring back some college vibes but it makes the house a lot more cheery.

Those are all I can think of at the moment! How are you guys staying happy during these grey winter days? Let me know what tips you have! You can see all the adventures we have on these grey wintery days on IG 🙂


  1. January 26, 2017 / 4:26 am

    Awwww I loved this post so much. You’re definitely right about VA being super bleak during the winter, but these tips are all so creative. B and I have been doing our fair share of experimenting in the kitchen, and then working off whatever we ate at the gym haha! I love the idea of going to the touristy places as well – the only struggle being the cold! If it’s outdoors, I just want to curl up inside – so hello to your coffee suggestion! So much yes!

    Stephanie //

    • January 26, 2017 / 4:42 am

      I’m the same way about the cold! I always want to curl up inside and then suddenly I realize I’ve been inside for two whole days straight -_- Thanks so much for your kind words Stephanie!!
      Xx, K

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