Vacation Look: A chill, rock lounging situation

I present to you guys a casual, very comfortable, chill, rock lounging situation. Oh and this vacation look.

In all seriousness though this scene was completely picturesque and I wanted to have a Pinterest moment with these rocks.

This rock/ocean hideaway was just a short walk from our hotel in our most recent Mexico visit (post coming soon, promise).

I’m always a sucker for long dresses on vacation. They feel so romantic and whimsical — even if they are just a classic black color.

I mean honestly I find full length dresses to be kind of a pain in real life. Like, they get in the way?? But going on vacation I always become my most non-practical fashion self. Anyone else? Vacation style is something special. You can get away with almosttttt anything.

In other news I’m currently taking an Instagram break and loving every second. SO NEEDED. Have you guys done this? If so, lemme know in the comments! Xx, K

outfit: DRESS c/o



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