Weekly Recap: 10 thoughts + things + activities

Okay HI! Today I’m sharing with you guys 10 random thoughts + things + activities from the past week. It’s like a diary entry, but better.

1. Soo I got a yoga membership to a local studio. For the past few months I’ve been hiking a TON and doing at-home workouts, but I wanted something a little extra motivating, ya know? Nothing like sweating in a 90°f room full of strangers in downward dog to really push you to go the extra mile. But really tho, it’s been the best decision and such a KILLER workout. A quick funny story on this — on Monday I went to a class that I thought was entry level. Because ya know, I’m a total yoga beginner. So the class starts and it was SO fast paced and intense. The yoga instructor was using so much yoga lingo it was like she was talking in a different language. The class was being led into inversions, hand stands, and all kinds of insanely difficult things. I started to panic and realized I had misread the schedule and was in the WRONG class — I accidentally went to a really advanced class. LOL. But, I rolled with it. Got through the class, and two days later I’m still so sore I can barely walk.


2. I’ve had absolutely ZERO motivation to cook lately. Recent dinners have been a handful of sweet potato fries and yogurt, veggie tacos, Postmates, and Panera Bread drive-thru. Repeat every 4 days. Majorly failing.

3. I started using THIS OVERNIGHT LIP MASK. I’ve mentioned it on my instastories like 15x because I am SO into it. My lips are noticeably bigger and healthier looking after using this mask.

4. I’ve been in a MAJOR creative rut for the past week. It just happens sometimes, ya know? Sometimes I find Instagram to be a fun and inspiring place where all my friends live.  And then sometimes I get legitimately grossed out by it — the fakeness, the staged photos, the comparison game, the sketchy things that go on there. UGH. So I pulled back a bit this week and spent more social media time on PINTEREST and TUMBLR. I get wayyyyyy more inspo from Pinterest and Tumblr. Anyone else?

5. I booked a trip to CABO. Guys, I’m so excited. Cabo seems like such a perfect getaway from San Diego. It’s a nonstop flight from SD, it’s only 2 hours away via plane, and Expedia has amazing deals for Cabo. Don’t mind me as I now plan compulsively for this vacation (things to do + see, places to explore, cute restaurants, etc). If you’ve been to Cabo before, please HMU with your best recommendations!

6. Shadow’s been extra cute/clingy this week. Not complaining, because I love it. When Michael’s gone I let her sleep with me on the bed. As soon as I get in bed she belly crawls up to me and puts her face in my lap and just stares at me. So freakin cute I die.

7. Patio furniture that I ordered like a month ago finally arrived! We’ve lived in this house for 6 months and it would always make me so sad that we didn’t have any patio furniture. We’ve had so many projects to do that buying patio furniture was not a priority. After stalking Wayfair for weeks I found a deal on a cute set I really liked. Also, shoutout to Wayfair for the best customer service and handling several issues that came up with this order.

8. THIS show just started and it’s really good. Highly recommend! I wish more episodes were out.

9. My friend Nicole and I went hiking on Sunday — it dissolved into a hilarious/ridiculous 8 mile trek through really steep mountain terrain. We both fell multiple times and at one point had to crawl down some of the terrain. I told Nicole that was probably the last time she trusts me to pick the hiking route haha.

10. As always, missing Michael. What else is new.

Okay that’s it guys! Happy humpday. Loveee y’all. Xx, me.


**ALSO. I shot these pics like a month ago and I was SO BAD at hiding the camera clicker. LOL.**


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