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If you thought you were visiting the blog named Jassamine Elaine and landed here don’t worry — you’re in the right place. Welcome to my new blog! Do you like the new digs? Okay I’m going to fill you guys in on EVERYTHING…like why I changed my blog name and what to expect in the future.

guess leaf print romper and prada

First, let me paint the scenario that lead to this blog originally being named “Jassamine Elaine”. I created this little space on the internet when I was just about to graduate college. Aside from the required GenEds, all the classes I took in college revolved around the Middle East and Russia. And of course, Arabic and Russian language classes. I didn’t take a single business or marketing class! I didn’t have a clue about branding or marketing or what I wanted my blog brand to convey. I remember thinking, what are two things that represent me? So I chose Jassamine because my grandma (who I ADORED) lived on Jassamine Dr. and I had many fond memories there. And my middle name is Elaine. So, voila! You have Jassamine Elaine.

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I failed to imagine how Jassamine Elaine would evolve as my blog (and myself) matured. Spoiler alert: Jassamine Elaine did not evolve well. After a year of “legit blogging” — sponsored posts, brand work, growing readership — I began to resent the name. People constantly thought my name was Jassamine. And not that I blame them! It was confusing because my blog name sounded too much like an actual name. I’d have brands email me, “Hey Jassamine…” and I was like no, I’m Kathryn! Kathryn Hadel! Also, no one knew how to pronounce Jassamine. Some people pronounced it like Jazzamine, Jasmine, Yassamine, and so on. It was all confusing and not great for a brand identity. It got to a point where I cringed when I had to verbally tell someone my blog name. I would tell people to google “Kathryn Hadel” instead of telling them my blog name because I had become actually embarrassed by it! It was something that had the very best intentions behind it (I loved my grandma!) but in the end it wasn’t right.

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This past summer I resolutely knew I had to change my blog name. For months(!) I thought of names. TBH most of the names I came up with sounded like some old western brothel. “Outlaw roses” and “the evening rose” were just a few of the names that my family (thankfully) shot down.  I wanted a name that could grow with me and that I’d never get tired of. I also wanted readers to have more of a personal relationship with me. Under Jassamine Elaine, it felt like I was always “hiding” behind my blog name. Blogging/biz guru Melyssa Griffin talks a bit about that HERE. After a lot of deliberation and hundreds of blog name ideas, I finally decided to use my personal name as my blog name.

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So what can you expect here now? More badass everyday outfits. More over-the-top tablescape and party ideas. More real talk and authenticity. More home decor & home transformation posts. What you won’t find: the bland, stripped down, sugary sweet posts that at times, gripped Jassamine Elaine. While renovating my site I read a few of my old blog posts/Instagram posts and I was sick to my stomach by how over the top perfect I acted like my life was. Ew! Life is pretty incredible at times, but it’s not perfect all the time.

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I just wanna take a sec and THANK YOU GUYS for reading this blog, leaving comments, following along on social media, and just in general being a part of my life. I cannot wait to bring you the VERY BEST content. The past year and especially the last few months have been incredibly isolating as we’ve moved a lot and now Michael is fully consumed with work/getting ready for deployment. At times this can be a very lonely life. I’m beyond grateful for this online community and YOU.

I can’t wait to continue this journey with yall.
Much love, Kathryn


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