White Dress in the Desert

Do you ever have one of those outfits where you’re like… this is unequivocally 110% me. I was born in this outfit. I’ll die in this outfit. Please, all clothes compared to this are for peasants. 

You too? Okay good. Same.

Ugh I just love this outfit so much. It’s so simple. The booties + dress combination is the perfect mix of feminine but ya know, badass (have to remain on brand!!).

Love that the booties go over the ankle (very important for the badass factor). And love that the white dress has long sleeves — but not just any long sleeves, but dramatic flowy bell sleeves! Very important for the feminine factor.

Had to share it with y’all.

Currently I’m in bed listening to a “book on tape”… I still call it that. I guess it’s just the inner 90’s baby talking. In reality, I’m listening to a book on “audible” (the app).

I’m listening to Brené Brown’s book called Braving the Wilderness. It’s highly recommended. It’s all about “fitting in” (errr, not fitting in), a sense of belonging, community, and what it means to stand alone. Yes please. For a girl who literally dropped out of middle school because I didn’t have friends (I’m not kidding, I literally dropped out it’s a long story) this book is kind of like music to my ears.

Lately I’ve been on a big kick of reading/listening to life changing books. I’m almost done with Eckhart Tolle’s book called A New Earth. Anyone else?? Like, if this book isn’t going to make me question every decision I’ve ever made in my life and psychoanalyze my next emotion from here on out then I’m not interested.

Anyways, GTG! My audible app + calming water awaits. Talk to you guys soon XOXO.

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